Best iPhone Cases in 2023 – Protective and Stylish


A wide variety of iPhone cases are available, ranging from ultra-thin ones highlighting the phone’s design features to thicker, more rugged, and ultra-protective shells that can withstand almost any accident.

We’ve all seen iPhones with broken glass displays; it’s impossible to avoid seeing them. If you drop your smartphone and it falls into a corner, the force put on the glass will be more focused than in other locations, increasing the likelihood that the display would shatter. Good thing unfortunate accidents can be prevented by purchasing a protective mobile phone cover of the appropriate kind.

If you have recently become the proud new owner of one of the best iPhones on the market today, you have plenty of options to protect it. You should choose an iPhone cover made of a material that can absorb shocks, such as silicone or rubber. Additionally, getting a case that protects the iPhone’s corners and edges is highly recommended.

However, a more expensive disaster for a camera phone is a broken lens, and the most effective way to prevent this is to acquire a far more durable cover. Therefore, read about the Best iPhone Case to offer your iPhone the best protection!

What are The Best iPhone Cases to Buy in 2023?

Your personal preference and the features most important to you in a phone accessory will strongly influence your decision about which iPhone Cases are the finest. However, we believe that the Casekoo Crystal Clear iPhone Case is the best option since it combines protection with an uncluttered and fashionable appearance. In addition, Apple designed it, ensuring it would perfectly fit your iPhone 13 device.

However, you don’t have to buy a cover from Apple to get a good one for your iPhone. The Smartish iPhone 13 Wallet Cover is a case for your phone and a wallet, allowing you to store cash and cards. Consider purchasing either the Mkeke iPhone Case or the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag if protection from drops is your top priority.

A little bit unsteady and prone to making mistakes? The OtterBox Symmetry Series is the right option for you to go with. Your phone will be protected from dings and scratches thanks to the multi-layered construction of this case. The protection offered by each of these mobile phone covers is tailored specifically for camera phones.

Top 13 iPhone Cases in 2023

iPhone 14 Casings

1. Cordking iPhone 14 Case


Everything about this case was perfect in our eyes. Holding it was a pleasant experience. Proceeded without a hitch, we loved how the ring at the rear of the phone could be used to support the phone up, and we found that it was also helpful while holding the phone. The ring that was on the back became increasingly tight.

Key Specifications

Brand Cordking
Color Midnight Green
Form Factor Bumper
Material Silicone

Casing Review

There has been no discoloration or ripping at the connections in this case, even though I have used it for almost one week. Because the previous cases were made of slick plastic, I often dropped my phone.

However, because this one is made of soft and flexible silicone, it fits much more securely in my hands. We can have dropped the phone several times: once on the concrete and once on the hardwood floor. In both instances, the phone remained undamaged throughout the ordeal.

This cover was the ideal fit for my iPhone 14! The inside lining of the case has a fuzzy texture and is also smooth and pliable. The outside of the case has a good finish and is quite smooth. When this one is a little bit older, we will obtain another one in a different color.

A one-of-a-kind premium silicone substance that is smooth yet does not slide around easily. Precise cuts allow for easy access to all ports and do not interfere with camera use. But you know what? We can’t say the same for the Shamo’s Compatible iPhone 14 Case.

The case is slim and does not add any extra bulk to your iPhone. Provides a Lifetime Replacement Service for the Silicone case of your iPhone 14. You will never come in second place in our eyes.


  • Soft feel
  • Grippy surface
  • Comfortable holding onto


  • Silicone might not be that durable

2. LK for iPhone 14 Case


The 9H hardness enhancement protects screens against impact and scratches, and the LK iPhone 14 case maintains the screen’s immaculate appearance. The high quality and pixel-perfect image are both preserved by the improved screen protector for the iPhone 14. True touch sensitivity and lightning-fast response provide the impression that you are using the screen that was originally installed.

Key Specifications

Brand LK
Color A-Clear
Form Factor Basic Case
Material Thermoplastic Polycarbonate

Casing Review

The sophisticated Nano anti-oxidant construction and German Bayer TPU material used in the phone covers for the iPhone 14 ensure that the screen will always be clear.

The LK iPhone 14 cover offers long-lasting anti-yellowing and anti-oxidant qualities that successfully withstand 99.9% UV radiation and yellowing produced by sweat. Additionally, the case has a slim, sleek, comfortable design.

The LK phone case for the iPhone 14 offers the highest possible level of protection while adding very little extra heft. The compact form allows for easy storage in a purse, and the bezel, which has been meticulously crafted, offers a superior grip and the capability to be used with only one hand. Every one of our clients can expect excellent service from us.

In addition, a removable lens cover that matches exactly the color of our transparent iPhone 14 case and your iPhone 14 is provided. You can attach it to provide complete security for your lens or remove it to see the iPhone’s initial concept. We can confirm the Casekoo iPhone 14 Case doesn’t have the same feature.

Your iPhone 14 is protected by a double-layered shield consisting of a hard PC backplate that encases a flexible TPU bumper with shock-absorbing “airbags” in each of its four corners. Designed to endure the rigors of everyday life, including multi-angle drops from a height of 6 feet and rigorous scratch testing.

The tiny individual lens covers cover each lens in exacting detail, yet they don’t interfere with taking nighttime photos with the flash. The increased 9H degree of hardness offers excellent protection against fractures and scratching.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Offers maximum screen protection
  • Enables camera protection


  • Not too durable for long term

3. Temdan iPhone 14 Case


This sturdy case for your iPhone 14 has a hard polycarbonate outside and a flexible rubber inside to buffer and divert stress. To protect the camera lens and the screen from damage, the bezels around both are raised by 1.5 millimeters.

Key Specifications

Brand Temdan
Color Black
Form Factor Basic Case
Material Polycarbonate,

Casing Review

The Temdan shockproof iPhone 14 case has been tested to withstand drops from a height of up to 12 feet, and it is superior to the criteria set by the Military Grade Drop Test (3.6m).

Its innovative double-layer shock absorber design and four anti-collision angles can efficiently absorb and distribute impact forces of up to 99%. Protects your iPhone 14 against drops and other shocks.

Tempered glass with a thickness of only 0.33 mm retains 99.99% of its sensitivity and is indestructible against scratches. A black camera lens cover, made specifically for this purpose, maintains the natural quality of your photographs and videos. It has no bearing on the brightness of the flash.

Temdan’s iPhone 14 case is a sleek, precision-cut design that completely envelops your phone while allowing full access to all buttons, ports, and ports. Express yourself with one of the many available color selections. Moreover, it can be charged using a wireless charging pad.

As a bonus, the Temdan shockproof iPhone 14 case comes with not one but three HD Clear viewfinder guards and three 9H Tempered Glass screen protectors, giving your phone complete 360-degree protection for the price of just one.

Completely robust keeping your iPhone 14 safe from the elements and everyday hazards like dirt, dust, scratches, drops, and bumps, unlike the rigid-y Caka iPhone 14 Case.


  • Keeps your phone dirt-free
  • Easy to grip
  • Non-yellowing effect


  • A bit heavy

4. Casekoo Crystal Clear iPhone Case – Best iPhone Case


The anti-yellow coating that the CASEKOO transparent iPhone cover has is well-known for being one of the reasons why the case has such a long lifespan in the first place. In contrast to others that are transparent and thin, this case comes with military-grade certification, which guarantees that it will provide enough protection against any harm.

Key Specifications

Compatible iPhone 13 Pro 2021, iPhone 13 Pro 6.1 inch
Colour Clear
Material Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Special Feature Non-Yellowing Coating

Product Review

The CASEKOO transparent iPhone cover comprises high-grade Bayer’s ultra-clear TPU and PC material. This material allows you to observe the original exquisite beauty of your iPhone 13 Pro while ensuring that the cover does not get greasy while it is being used.

The nano-grade diamond anti-oxidation coating, which can successfully withstand 99.9 per cent of yellowing produced by sweat and UV radiation, is responsible for the “never yellow” promise made by the product, something the ZAGG Gear4 Crystal cover lacks.

Flex-impact Cushion Technology, which is guaranteed to meet the requirements of the [MIL-STD-810G] standard, is installed in the product. To provide a high level of defense, the backplane is constructed using hard polycarbonate and flexible shockproof TPU bumpers around the edge.

Screens and cameras are protected from damage caused by drops and scratches by raised bezels. The camera is protected by a small lip measuring 2.5 millimetres in height, the screen by bezels measuring 1.2 millimetres, and the raised corner lips on the rear measuring 0.5 millimetres in size.

The Crystal Clear Case will protect your phone from dust and scratches, which fits snugly around it and wraps around it perfectly. Moreover, it works flawlessly with the vast majority of screen protectors now available. Your phone’s ultra-slim profile of 0.04 inches enables it to go into your pocket.

The frame is made of processed TPU, which offers a firm and non-slip grip, making it ideal for messaging, gaming, and taking selfies. The backplane was upgraded to be ultra-clean, and a unique AF was added. An anti-fingerprint coating can effectively decrease the remnants of fingerprints, allowing for greater long-term cleanliness.


  • excellent design
  • anti-slip
  • offers brilliant protection


  • the colour scheme could be better

5. Cordking iPhone 11 Case – Best iPhone 11 Case


Cordking iPhone 11 Case has it all, except, maybe, for the design. However, that’s not to say the cover lacks functionality. This one offers shock resistance, an anti-slip grip, and much more. Please read the review below to find out more about its features!

Key Specifications

Compatible iPhone 11 and iPhone XR
Colour Midnight Green
Material Silicone
Special Feature Non-Yellowing

Product Review

Excellent quality, durable protection offered by the Cordking iPhone 11 Case. For the iPhone 11 and XR, the manufacturers provide a robust silicone cover and a selection of colour choices. It is capable of charging wirelessly.

This full-body suit will protect your whole body from the elements. On the interior of this case is a lining made of soft microfiber that won’t damage the iPhone as other cases can. This mobile case also includes raised lips on the edges to help protect the screen and camera of the iPhone 11 and XR from scratches and drops. Ultimately, it surely is better looking than the Tech21 Essential for iPhone 11.

The coating that prevents sticking and the grips themselves both perform well. A layer of excellent silicone that is very smooth and thin gives a grip that is not at all slippery. The fabric can be cleaned quickly and easily with a wet towel.

It is not bulky and is about the right size. The cuts are exact and make it simple to reach all of the connections. Additionally, it does not interfere with my microphone in any way. The most streamlined and featherweight solution to guard your iPhone, adding no additional thickness or volume.

This silicon case comes with a lifetime guarantee and can be replaced for as long as you own the product. You are always the number one thing on our list of priorities.


  • easy to hold in hand
  • offers durability
  • value for money


  • could be better looking

6. Mkeke iPhone Case – Best Eco-Friendly Case


A wonderful choice for those on a budget because of its sturdy construction, which has a screen protector that is resistant to scratches and adequate shock absorption, all while maintaining the capability of wireless charging.

Key Specifications

Compatible iPhone 11, XR, and XS
Colour Clear
Material Acrylic
Special Feature Bumper Protection

Product Review

We were pleasantly delighted with the performance of the Mkeke iPhone Case, which retails for $7 and protects an iPhone 11. To begin with, it has a screen protector resistant to scratches. If you drop your phone and it slides across the floor, this is an excellent way to protect it.

It won’t leave your screen hazy or covered in tiny scratches with the same breath. Concerning falling, the shock absorption is satisfactory, being able to endure a battering from a height of several feet.

Its glass cover leaves very little to the imagination, and we would have delighted for it to come in various colours or even textures, similar to how the buttons are made of vinyl and are simple to locate. Thankfully, it is purely an aesthetic concern and does not affect its performance.

The fact that this specific model is only compatible with the iPhone 11 is a factor that does affect performance. Mkeke, on the other hand, has versions of its app that are compatible with both the iPhone XR and the iPhone XE phone case.

Now let’s discuss value. The OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Case is one example of a case that will run you a good penny. For other people, shelling out roughly $30 for a phone case is either not within their financial means, or they just do not want to do so.

And here is where the Mkeke iPhone Case’s greatest asset comes into play: it is very affordable and has a low price with excellent results. You can get a case that will safeguard your phone for the low price of $7.


  • anti-scratch resistant
  • allows wireless charging
  • solid budget case


  • a clear case is boring

7. Smartish iPhone 13 Case –  Best Protective Case


It’s hard to beat the Smartish iPhone 13’s tough protection, gripping grip, and ergonomic comfort. We would like to see more colours in the future, but if you need a durable and sturdy case, this one is a good choice.

Key Specifications

Compatible iPhone 13
Colour Black Tie Affair
Material Rugged Backplate
Special Feature MagSafe Compatible

Product Review

With this case, you get a sturdy cover that’s thick enough to safeguard your phone. A wonderful feature about this case is that despite its tough appearance, it doesn’t seem too bulky to handle comfortably.

The case is easy to grip in one’s hand while using it. With the grooved sides of the case, your fingertips can rest comfortably in three grooves on each side of the case. As the product name suggests, this is more comfortable and helps me keep a better hold of my smartphone.

It’s all about the grip in this scenario. Another feature that makes it simpler to hold on to your smartphone is the rough surface on the case’s sides. This is a great feature since it allows the case to retain a gripping feel without rubberizing. This feature also makes this phone case better than its ORIbox iPhone Case competitor.

Because of this, the case is much easier to clean and more convenient to put in and take out of my pockets without accumulating stray fabric fibers. There are embossed buttons with a flat texture for the volume rockers and the sleep/wake button, making it easier to tell them apart.

There seems to be a considerable deal of protection in this case, which has a strong backing to cover the back of your phone, which is vital since all of these new iPhones have glass on both the front and back, which can lead to expensive repairs if they are broken.


  • grippy sides for easier handling
  • MagSafe Compatibility
  • lightweight yet protective


  • the design could be better

8. OtterBox Amazon Exclusive Case – Best OtterBox Case On the Market


Tank-sized OtterBox cases have made OtterBox a household name. For those looking for a lighter-duty OtterBox, the Symmetry series is a one-piece design that doesn’t sacrifice much protection.

Key Specifications

Compatible iPhone 13 (only)
Colour Mickey Pride
Material Polycarbonate
Special Feature Wireless Charging Compatible

Product Review

OtterBox gained its reputation in the industry with its very robust Defender series case, but nowadays, most consumers are looking for something less bulky. The Symmetry series is designed to be stylish and protective all at the same time, thanks to its narrow profile and bevelled edges. A screen protector that has a raised bumper is more effective.

There is a selection of colour choices available, one of which is clear, and the new Symmetry Plus Clear for MagSafe is one that I like (pictured in the middle in red). The Symmetry Plus Pop case, seen on the left in the image, incorporates a PopSockets PopGrip and is compatible with wireless charging, both of which are essential features.

The Symmetry Series Plus case, seen on the right (in pink), comes in various colours, and there is also a MagSafe version available for an additional ten dollars. On its website, OtterBox provides new customers with a promotional code good for a discount.

The Commuter case from OtterBox protects the screen’s raised bezel, is rather compact, and features grips on the rear. That particular model, which can also be purchased in a MagSafe-equipped variant for an additional ten dollars, is a favourite of mine.

Along the same lines as the Spigen Neo Hybrid, this one has fold-out kickstands or built-in batteries, and it will most certainly add a little bit of heft to your camera phone.


  • slim and durable
  • great protection for users
  • unique design


  • larger than a slim-line case

9. Smartish iPhone 13 Wallet Case – Best Wallet Style Case


Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 can help you shed those bulky wallets and get into shape. Your driver’s license, credit cards, and cash can all be safely stored against your phone, giving you access to everything you need in a single location. It is thin and protected because of its sturdy but very lightweight design. Take charge of your day-to-day responsibilities and let the Wallet Slayer help you simplify your life.

Key Specifications

Compatible iPhone 13
Colour Black Tie Affair
Material Slim Wallet
Special Feature Heavy-Duty Compression

Product Review

A less priced and superior alternative to Apple’s Clear Case than the company’s offering. It’s not nearly as well-made as Apple’s case, but the textured sides make it easier to hold than the Smartish Gripmunk!

The “Nothin’ to hide” transparent Wallet Slayer case with MagSafe sticks out since Apple’s Clear Case has such a rigid and slippery feeling. The Wallet Slayer case comes in several colours with or without MagSafe, and it’s also half the price.

The buttons function properly. You can easily find them by touch and push them without difficulty, but you lose a little of the “click” sensation compared to the iPhone’s “bare” version of the button. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t matter if the cutout for the mute switch is a little off-centre; it still works well.

Our wireless chargers worked well with the Wallet Slayer attraction, and we had no issues with it. This case is true “Wallet Compatible” rather than “Made for Wallet,” but it doesn’t affect its functionality in any way.


  • offers decent protection
  • classic design
  • excellent for wallet


  • lack of grip

10. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag (MagFit) – Best MagFit Case


If your cheap clear cover starts to yellow and degrade over time (and becomes less transparent), you can want to consider investing in the new Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Mag for your Apple iPhone, which will be much less expensive. If this happens to you, you can want to consider investing in this product.

Key Specifications

Compatible iPhone 13
Colour White
Material Polycarbonate
Special Feature Shock-absorbent

Product Review

For about $20, Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Mag case protects your new iPhone 13 series phone while keeping it safe in a transparent MagSafe case that costs much more. For an additional $5, Spigen offers a non-Mag version of this cover and a variety of other iPhone 13 cases.

Also, we tried the Spigen Mag Armor cover on my phone, but it didn’t work as well with my accessories. Although Spigen’s transparent cases don’t have a drop rating, we found them quite protective.

We like the Spigen Ultra Hybrid cases over the Spigen Tough Armor cases since they are more durable and come with a kickstand. However, the Spigen Tough Armor case costs $17. (the Ultra Hybrid S also has an integrated kickstand).

If your inexpensive clear cover starts to yellow and degrade over time (and becomes less transparent), you can want to consider investing in a new one for your Apple iPhone, which will be much less expensive.


  • non-yellowish
  • durable for ages
  • excellent protection


  • could do better in terms of design

11. Cyrill Color Brick Case – Best Fingerprint Resistant Case


Cyrill is a sibling company of Spigen, and their cases are a little more fashionable, but they cost a little more money. In many ways, the Silicone Case is a counterfeit of Apple’s Silicone case, except it does not have the MagSafe function.

Key Specifications

Compatible iPhone 13 (2021)
Colour Cream
Material Thermoplastic
Special Feature Fingerprint Resistant

Product Review

The Silky smooth feel of the Cyrill Color Brick Mag cover for the Apple iPhone 13 PRO makes it impossible to put down. It’s flexible and long-lasting since it comprises Premium TPU with a Smooth Matte Finish.

MagSafe accessories can be used with integrated magnets, and the inside is lined with Soft Microfiber to prevent scratches on the device’s back.

When not in use, a Polycarbonate Camera Ring in a complementary colour will keep your camera safe from scratches and dings. Shock absorption is provided by Spigen Air Cushion technology on the corners.

Matte Finish with Premium TPU is a smooth, supple, and durable material. Protect your camera’s lens with this eye-catching camera ring in a complementary hue. Incorporating Spigen Air Cushion technology on the corners, which has been shown to protect, the Cyrill design is suitable for both men and women who want a more minimalist aesthetic.

With the case on, wireless charging is supported. Form-fitting design for a pleasant grasp and pocket-friendliness, plus a strap hole for charms and other accessories, something the Spigen Optik Case lacks in its features.


  • matte finishing
  • the smooth, sleek material
  • Unisex casing


  • cannot be that durable

12. Speck Product Gemshell Case – Best Grip Case


Even though Speck sells a variety of iPhone covers, this one is the real thing. We would characterize it as having a silky quality. There is no question that it is not sticky. However, it has a better grip than the phone itself.

Key Specifications

Compatible iPhone 13m iPhone 12 mini
Colour Clear
Material Polycarbonate
Special Feature Raised Slim

Product Review

Many of Speck’s iPhone 12 case designs have been adapted for use with the iPhone 13, including some of the company’s most popular transparent cases, such as the Presidio Perfect-Clear and Perfect-Clear with Grips well as the Presidio2 Pro. It is simply the best iPhone 12 case we found on the market!

The Speck Gemshell Case with an integrated MagSafe does not cost much and offers good value for the money spent. (Because you can connect a MagSafe accessory directly to the case rather than your phone, we are inclined to MagSafe cases.)

Speck’s Microban antibacterial protection is included in this latest iteration of their Gemshell case. It also offers decent drop protection (ranging from 13 to 16 feet, depending on the model). First-time customers can often get a discount from Speck, regardless of their chosen model.

Suppose you are seeking a Speck case that is more affordable. In that case, you will have difficulty finding anything better than the Gemshell transparent covers for iPhone 13 sold on Amazon for roughly $20. We did enjoy the Ombre variation. On the other hand, they do not come with a MagSafe.


  • value for money
  • antibacterial protection
  • decent grips


  • not durable for long use

13. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style Case – Best Design iPhone Case


When it comes to performance, fit, and protection, the Supcase Unicorn case does not disappoint. A little front lip protects the screen and glass. The transparent back is typically resistant to certain scratches, but the clear plastic will eventually scratch even with the utmost care—excellent value for the price.

Key Specifications

Compatible iPhone 13 Pro
Colour Black
Material Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Special Feature Heavy-Duty Protection

Product Review

In terms of both appearance and functionality, the UB Pro exudes toughness. It features a back cover and a screen protector topper in a dual-layered style. Drop protection that surpasses the mil-grade drop test is provided by its full-body design.

UB Pro is also the winner of CNET’s annual drop test with the total feet of fall. This one fared excellently in the test compared to its counterpart, Unicorn Beetle Edge. The benefits don’t stop there; you’ll get many other perks.

The UB Pro cases are made by SUPCASE using shock-absorbing TPU and rigid polycarbonate. And it’s not only for drop protection that this is a great pick, but also for its appearance, hand feel, and grip.

There is a hold point on the rear of the case and grove lines on the bumper, which helps keep the phone in place. There is a good amount of tactile feedback, and the port connectors aren’t excessively protruding.

The UB Pro’s pudding is, as they say, proof in the pudding. There is a nice click when the kickstand is locked and unlocked, and the casing feels solid and lasting.

Full-body cases are frequently less appealing to us since their screen protectors don’t provide the same level of protection. In the past, we’ve heard similar complaints about SUPCASE. For iPhone 13, however, there are distinct differences. It retains the sensitivity and precision of the touch; thus, it gets a perfect score.

The kickstand is a little but thoughtful touch, made of a bit more durable material, so it won’t continually be slipping out. This case could be just what you’re looking for those who choose security above size.


  • cutout protection
  • front display protection
  • no yellowing


  • the device becomes slightly larger

4 Important Factors to Look for When Buying an iPhone Case

Read below the tips that will help you in selecting the best case for your iPhone:

Raised Lip to Protect the Screen

A cover with a decently raised lip can help protect your iPhone’s screen if you’re worried about it falling on its face and cracking.

With an iPhone cover with a raised lip, edge swiping is somewhat more cumbersome than it would be without the lip.

Clear Cases

Even if you despise the idea of protecting your iPhone with a case since it marries aesthetics, you can’t bear the thought of going without one for fear of losing your data or breaking the law.

However, it would help if you were mindful that transparent casings are composed of plastic, susceptible to scuffs, and can develop a yellow tint over time.

Colour Psychology

What are some of the qualities to look for in a good aesthetic? The first step is to choose one that fits your needs. Buying one that’s too thin or too heavy is a no-no.

In addition to seeming out of place in your pockets, handbags, etc., both extremes of the range fit disproportionately. Next, look at the item’s colour scheme or pattern.

Colour psychology can be used to improve your mood every day, and we encourage you to do so. The theory behind colour psychology holds that each hue elicits a unique set of sentiments or emotions in those who see it.

Case Protection

The sinking sensation of a broken phone screen is familiar to practically all smartphone users, but many don’t consider it when shopping for their new gadgets. They purchase covers for their iPhones that give little to no protection against drops and slams.

You don’t need to buy the largest case to be safe. Instead, seek iPhone covers with a stronger casing and proper materials. This will lessen the impact of a fall by absorbing the shock.

The Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, the Best iPhone Cases on the market in 2023. We have used these cases for a good time to offer you our suggestions. These cases will provide your phone with the comfort, protection, and security you eagerly desire. Protect your phone from all the horrible falls!

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